How Easily Can You Get a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Debt Consolidation Loans: Can you approach the bank directly and still get a debt consolidation loan.

Yes you can, but it is not that easy to get - have a look at the tips below and you should have a better idea and know which pitfalls to avoid.

People have approached banks for debt consolidation for years and years using their home loans, what's changed?

The process of getting a debt consolidation loan approved is still the same, except that previously you could just go to your local bank manager and he would arrange for everything quite quickly.

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Some things have changed and basically it's the options of applying that is the major change.

Debt Consolidation Loans option 1 - Application via phone or the internet

You can do a telephonic or internet application for a debt consolidation loan. This process takes a little longer they will first go through the whole application and then you have to fax your documents, which has to be matched up to each other.

There is a good probability that you will be asked to re-fax your documentation as there are many applications and it's easy to lose documents or the problem of getting the correct application to match it up with.

Debt Consolidation Loans Option 2 - Apply at your local branch

This option is a little easier as you actually see a consultant and give them your documentation with your application while there.

The consultant will complete the application, attach the documentation to it and then you need to carry on following up with the general call centre.

Debt Consolidation Loans Option 3 - Apply through a trusted bond originator

This is by far the easiest option voted for by consumers, providing you make use of a reputable bond originator.

The originator can come to you or discuss everything via phone or email and complete all the paperwork and submit it to the bank. They will then make sure that all the documentation has been received.

The originator will do daily follow ups with the bank to make sure they are processing the application so that they can receive an answer fast. An ethical originator will give you daily updates on the progress of the application.

There is a major difference between the first two options and using a bond originator. The biggest difference being that a bond originator works on commission only, so it's imperative to them to get a transaction though quickly and get them to give a quick answer. Another big difference is that you don't have to phone the bank all the time.

So, whichever option you prefer, a debt consolidation loan is possible and has been made a little easier for you by the banks - which one would suite you best?

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