What is a Secured Home Loan?

You may have heard of the term home loan, which Secured loans are more commonly referred to as. These types of loans are secured against the equity in your home. They take a 2nd charge behind any mortgage you may have and as a result are more expensive than a 1st charge mortgage but can still be competitive compared to personal unsecured loans.

Secured loans can be used for almost any purposes such as consolidating expensive credit card debts or making improvements to your home, purchasing a new car or buying a holiday. They come in extremely useful if you want to raise money quickly but cannot remortgage your existing mortgage due to large early repayment charges. What most people do in these instances is take a secured loan until they are out of any early repayment charge period on their mortgage and then remortgage the whole amount at the time into one easy payment.

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Under the consumer credit act secured loan lenders are now only allowed to charge you one month's interest if you wish to redeem your loan early making them a flexible form of borrowing and cost effective too. Especially if you have large penalties on your first charge mortgage and you want to raise funds quickly.

Secured loan lenders in the UK are able to process your loan quite quickly in comparison to a standard mortgage, there is less paper work involved and no need for solicitors as it is the lender that registers the new charge against your home at the land registry. Usually, if you pass the credit score and are able to provide any other requirements the lender requests then your loan can be agreed in about 2-3 weeks.

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