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Bad credit is of no help when a loan is needed. Many people have lowered their credit ranking due to loss of work resulting from injury or illness. For those, as well as others, having credit problems due to layoffs and job losses in U.S. and globally, getting approved for a loan is a true nightmare.

Reasons that led you to a less-than-perfect credit rating do not have any correlation with your borrowing needs - they remain just the same. Guaranteed unsecured personal loans can be a true lifesaver for you and your loved ones in difficult times. Guaranteed personal loans do not require home ownership or any other collateral to pledge in order to borrow money.

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Unsecured Loans Amounts May Be As High As $2,500

Guaranteed unsecured loans for borrowers with bad credit are commonly known as bad credit cash advances. Such loans are very short term, typically with duration lasting up to your next scheduled paycheck. Therefore, many people call such cash advances payday loans. Unlike many other loans, you do not need to be employed in order to qualify for cash advance loan. However, a proof of steady income is required; therefore such unsecured loans are perfect for contractors, Social Security benefits recipients, and retirees.

Qualification for a cash advance loan comes down to proof of disposable income, which should be sufficient to cover loan payments. Lenders would require you to list details of your income and expenses to determine what is leftover to make payments on the loan. Some additional details, such as checking or savings account number, as well as documents verifying your identity and income are required. While most lenders issue bad credit cash advances for short periods and expect one payment to cover the loan in full, there are quite few that can make arrangements for as many as six payments. That is why it is possible to qualify for bad credit cash advances as high as $2,500.

The Whole Cash Advance Scheme Is Easy

Payday loans are easy and quick to get. The lending process is very simple. Once approved for a cash advance, you will be required to give a postdated check to lender for a full amount of repayment, including original loan amount, interest, and fees. After the loan matures your lender will deposit the check. This may be done electronically, without the need of physically visiting a cash advance lender. A simple form is to be filled out in this case that should provide the payday loan vendor with routing number, account number, bank name, and check number along with the amount it is written for.

It is vital to have the funds ready for loan repayment in your bank account once your note matures. Should your check bounce, you will get hit with heavy fees from both, your lender and the bank. In such a case an unsecured loan grantor would redeposit a check few days later. Some bad credit cash advance lenders reserve the right to change loan terms should the payment not go through. Therefore, make sure you understand all terms and conditions outlined in your loan agreement, and be prepared to make payments on the dates they are due.

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